Three (3) completely referenced landmark books with information you won’t find anywhere else. Robert Nemer, DO has this to say about Brian’s work, “The most insightful quantum nutritionist of our age brings us the most insightful nutritional cancer discovery of the 21st century! No one else is even close to matching his deep insight and understanding.” There’s more. Dr. Steve Helschien, DC states “I had heard about Prof. Peskin’s outstanding work and met him during his Las Vegas lecture at American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), titled “Fish Oil Fallacies: Physicians and Patients Beware.” Prof. Peskin consistently leads the field with science-based medicine. PEO Solution is a masterpiece of the highest order (amazingly, it is easy to comprehend) and clearly cements Peskin as the world’s leading physiologic EFA expert.” The Physician list goes on and on… but here’s another especially important one regarding cancer prevention: “This information could prove to be one of the most significant health discoveries of the 21st century. It is extraordinary. Finally, an effective and practical program for cancer prevention. Brian Peskin has put together a program that must be called ‘brilliant.’ It is a must … for all.” Stephen Cavallino., M.D. (Reggio Emilia, Italy). We think you get the point. Brian’s work is indispensable for your health!

- Hidden Story of Cancer: 723 incredible pages (The most insightful book about cancer ever written, advancing Nobel Prize-winning in Medicine / Physiology Otto Warburg’s, MD, PhD seminal discoveries.) Discover the best way to minimize your risk of cancer and heart disease, too. Totally comprehensive with a new discovery. David Sim, MD makes clear, “Earth-shattering and historically significant.”

- 24-Hour Diet: 386 informative pages (With this incredible plan, it’s YOUR DAILY CHOICE: lose weight / stay the same / get back to normal easily if social circumstances require indulgence). Everything is scientifically referenced. Frederick Burton, MD has this to say, “Prof. Peskin eloquently explains why “something is wrong” in medicine today. My colleagues will appreciate his strong scientific approach to solving America’s obesity and diabetes epidemics through a new, insightful understanding.” Carolyn Berry, MD (Ireland) has this to say, “I am delighted to come across scientific work, which is not only of excellent quality but is applicable. I have been on a low-carbohydrate diet for approximately a year now, but I have been aware that there was still something missing—your program has filled in the blanks. It was with skepticism that I read the portion on cellulite [in a prior book], but despite “low carb” for one year, I still had this problem. I have seen for myself remarkable results with the EFAs.”

- PEO Solution: 578 insightful pages (Discover the right oils to energize you, help keep you lean-for-life, and disease-free: No, it’s not fish or marine oils/olive oil, or coconut oil). The best book on EFAs ever written. The “parrots” are completely WRONG about cooking oils, too. Just today, a major radio show had a guest chef who was an “expert” on nutritional cooking oils. If you follow his advice, you will be on the road to both cancer and heart disease. Here’s what Dr. Jonathan Carp, MD has to say, “There is an epidemic of misunderstanding of oils in the role of human health. The oft-repeated cliche that omega 6s are inflammatory and omega 3s are anti-inflammatory, dangerously misleads the public and physicians into thinking that one just needs to take more of one and less of the other. This science gives physicians the detailed information we need to know as it is under-publicized. I have seen remarkable success in the nutritional treatment of lupus, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis by including your approach into my regimen.” Dr. Paul Tai, DPM states, “PEO Solution is even bigger than vitamin C!” There’s more… David Beaulieu, DC states, “…[P]rovides insights I haven’t seen anywhere else. This state-of-the-art 21st-century medical science is indispensable to physicians. I have prescribed your recommendations to patients for years and have seen exceptional results.”

We uniquely give you the science about everything you need to stay healthy and disease-free with the exact quotes from medical textbooks. Don’t worry, if the information is technical (and lots of it is – that’s why you won’t get this important information anywhere else), we ALWAYS translate it into simple terms making it crystal clear — and giving you highly specific ways to head off a potential problem. Nothing is left to misinterpretation because you see the exact science for yourself, and we make it CRYSTAL CLEAR.

20+ Amazing and insightful Special Reports: A sampling of what you receive:

- Three Devastating Problems Proving Fish Oil is the Wrong Choice

- Cholesterol Myth (Discover why cholesterol itself isn’t the issue. The problem is what the cholesterol is attached to. You won’t find this information anywhere else.)

- New Cholesterol Insights and Warning to Keto Followers (NEW insights into the cholesterol myth, and a grim warning for keto-followers, but easily corrected.)

- Sports Medicine & Bodybuilding Applications: Fish Oil Starves Athlete’s Performance (Discover the right oils to enhance performance)

- Why Fish Oil Fails – Extensive Proof (If you are taking fish/krill/ marine oils, after reading this special extensive report you will STOP IMMEDIATELY

- Aspirin is Awful (long-term use is dangerous in more ways than just stomach bleeding.)

- Cancer Prevention (The important Nobel Prize-winning Otto Warburg’s discovery explained.)

- Great News – It’s Not Genetic (Even if cancer or heart disease “runs in your family,” new hope is here.)

- Carbohydrates Compromise the Immune System – Why Make It Easy for The Covid Virus to Cause More Damage? (More shocking dangers of carbohydrates….)

- Body by Science, the Lean-For Life Diet (100 pages of entertaining, comprehensive, riveting science-based information so you become your own expert.)

- Real-life Results: Testimonials (In their own words…See what Prof. Peskin can do for YOU.)

- Glycemic Index (GI) Myth (You won’t be misled about the “Index” again.)

- The Myth of Exercise (Why exercise isn’t enough to keep you healthy.)

- EFAs in Seeds & Nuts (Discover which seeds/nuts are best for your health.)

- Exorphins: The ultimate low-dose opiate? (An unbelievable report the bread, cereal, and milk companies will never want you to see!)

· The Truth About Ketones and Ketosis (You haven’t gotten the full truth. Why ketones are essential to your health; especially your heart health.)

- Landmarks in Nutrition & Health (The hidden truth you haven’t seen.)

- The Secret Calculation (You will not believe how many teaspoons of sugar you are unknowingly consuming every day.)

- Soy Fiction (Soy is anything but a “health” food.)

- Sugar Rater (See how much sugar your foods contain. Indispensable for success.)

- What Cancer is (What cancer is and why it returns. Absolutely required reading for anyone worried about cancer.)

- Fiber Fiction (Fiber will NOT protect you from colon cancer. The world’s leading Medical Journal, The Lancet, published THE TRUTH, but you never saw it.)

- PEOs – The Difference (Surprise: Fish oil does NOT contain EFAs! The “experts” don’t understand the science.)

- Exercise Less Manual (accompanies the Exercise Less video)

We also give you 2 unique videos that you will find extremely insightful and informative: Cook It Cool, and Exercise LESS. Even the children will delight in these cooking secrets. With Exercise Less™ MEN will discover how to gain muscle, and women will discover how to stay perfectly toned in just 15 minutes, twice a week. You have NEVER seen anything like this.

Audio: “Unleashed” – Where it all began more than 25 years ago. Brian’s 1st lecture in front of 600 people. Brian was right more than 25 years ago. He is still right today. Science YOU can TRUST, ALWAYS!


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